2021 NACE Annual Meeting Presentation: Infrastructure Preservation Program

In 2020, 77 bridge decks totaling 330,000 sq. ft. were treated with PoreShield SME-PS as part of the Infrastructure Preservation Program. On April 20, Paul Imbrock shared this presentation with the National Association of County Engineers at their annual meeting, highlighting these real-world applications of PoreShield SME-PS to enhance the durability and extend the service life of concrete bridges.
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Roads and Bridges Webinar – Protecting Concrete Infrastructure: Long-Term Solutions

It’s no secret that damage caused by salt, deicers and freeze-thaw conditions is a major issue facing our country’s infrastructure. On April 30th, Dr. Jason Weiss and Paul Imbrock led this webinar hosted by Roads and Bridges, providing insights and solutions to this costly problem.
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PoreShield Case Study 6

PoreShield™ Protects Concrete from Damage Below the Surface

PoreShield™ Protects Concrete from Damage Below the Surface

The study compared the scaling damage of two concrete samples, one untreated and one treated with PoreShield following ASTM C 672 testing. Read More

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Case study 5 - Protecting Concrete from Chloride Ion Diffusion

Protecting Concrete from Chloride Ion Diffusion

WisDOT proves that PoreShield™ provides long-term protection from chloride ion diffusion

WisDOT study found that compared to other treatments, PoreShield offers the most protection from chloride ions and extends service life the longest. Read More

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Case study 4 - Bridge concrete protection

PoreShield™ Maximizes ROI for Wabash County Bridges

PoreShield Surface Application Extends Life of Bridges

Four bridges in Wabash County Indiana treated with PoreShield in under four hours. Any other treatment would have taken two days. Read More

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Case study 3 - concrete protection

I-65 Near Seymour Receives PoreShield™ Treatment

Lower application costs and enhanced durability are a win for this roadway

When Tony Korba got the chance to offer up a replacement for hot tar sealant for a project on I-65, he suggested PoreShield to INDOT as an alternative. Read More

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Case study 2 - Ramp concrete protection

PoreShield™ Preserves Critical New Ramps

First Commercial Application for Indiana Department of Transportation

In November 2019, the first commercial application of Poreshield took place on a newly constructed ramp interchange outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Read More

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Case Study 1 - Slab Joints

PoreShield™ Application Prevents Highway Deterioration

10 Years of Concrete Roadway Protection is a Reality

PoreShield continues to protect concrete roadways 10 years after application, and counting.

Read More

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PoreShield for Bridges

PoreShield: How It Works

PoreShield: A Revolutionary Solution to Concrete Protection


Click on the links below to download white papers in PDF format

2008, Coates Evaluation of SMEP Blends for Use in Concrete


Full White Paper

2010, Golias The Use of Soy Methyl Ester-Polystyrene Sealants and Internal Curing to Enhance Concrete


Full White Paper

2015, Weise Evaluation of Sealers and Waterproofers for Extending the Life Cycle of Concrete

Full White Paper

2016, Thomas Assessing the Performance of a Soy Methyl Ester-Polystyrene Topical Treatment to Extend the Service of Concrete Structures

Full White Paper

2021, Mitigating the Effects of CAOXY Formation in Concrete Using Poreshield


Technical Specs

Click on the link below to download the PoreShield Safety Data Sheet in PDF format

PoreShield Safety Data Sheet – Issue date: 09/04/2020 Version: 1.0

PoreShield Product Sheet


ISA Presents PoreShield Business Model at OECD Meeting Adjacent to United Nations Climate Change Conference

PoreShield business model creates rural opportunities and fosters a circular, bio-based economy

PoreShield Receives Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence in Pollution Prevention

Award recognizes ISA for its innovative work and partnership in developing PoreShield SME-PS, a soy-based concrete durability enhancer

PoreShield™ SME-PS Now Available Through Phoscrete Corporation

Phoscrete Endure™ is a long-term concrete preservation product powered by PoreShield

PoreShield™ Announces Participation in AASHTO TSP-2 Innovative Technology Demonstration Program

PoreShield SME-PS Concrete Durability Enhancer to showcase benefits in real-world projects

New Technology, PoreShield™, provides proven long-term concrete pavement protection from chloride ion diffusion

Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) study shows that PoreShield, the new concrete durability enhancer technology, significantly reduces chloride ion diffusion, the leading culprit of concrete damage

PoreShield™ approved for use on Iowa bridge decks

New high-performance, sustainable and cost-effective concrete durability enhancer extends service life of concrete five-to-nine times longer, protecting against water, salt and freeze/thaw damage

Lab Kit Guides

See first-hand how PoreShield, a concrete durability enhancer, infiltrates the pore network and protects concrete from damage caused by deicing agents.

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