Eco-Friendly Concrete Protection

Concrete Protection That’s Easy on the Environment and Tough to Beat

Environmentally conscious concrete protection that actually works.

Made in America
The All-American Sustainable Concrete Sealer

PoreShield’s concrete penetration capabilities go just as deep as our American roots. PoreShield is a plant-based, eco-friendly alternative to solvent-based concrete sealers.

Made from 100% American-farmed soybeans and produced completely in the United States, PoreShield significantly extends the life of untreated concrete.

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Watch this video to see how our American-made, soybean-based concrete protectant works.

The main benefit [of PoreShield] is that it is environmentally friendly. We can spray this over creeks, waterways, dry beds, or active water. Considering the price and minimal labor involved, I believe we’re going to gain on our bridge decks – [at] a minimal cost and high reward.

Carl Anderson | Orange County Highway Department, Superintendent

We didn’t need any specialty equipment, any special protective gear, any special licensure. We were able to use in-house labor and in-house equipment. PoreShield is very easy to use.

Zach Smith | County Engineer
Easy Application
Easy to Apply, Sustainable Concrete Protectant

Unlike high-VOC solvent-based concrete sealers, products formulated with PoreShield are as easy on people as they are on the environment, so there’s no need for specialized training, equipment or personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • No special training
  • No specialized equipment
  • No Additional PPE

Apply the eco-friendly, self-sealing liquid with brooms, brushes, handheld garden sprayers, backpack sprayers, or high-pressure truck sprayers. PoreShield is USDA BioPreferred and can be used on commercial, industrial, and residential concrete applications to provide the same protection as on highways, roads and bridges.

hands holding soybeans
Plant-Based and Low-VOC
Reduce VOCs and Harmful Solvents

Eliminate environmentally harmful run-off and fumes associated with solvent-based sealants with products powered by PoreShield, a nontoxic and hazard-free soy methyl ester-polystyrene (SME-PS). PoreShield-based products reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 90% and eliminate the need for more toxic solvents.

Low-Cost Concrete Protection
A Responsibility To Protect What Matters

Cost-effective, affordable products containing PoreShield are readily available and have been proven to dramatically extend the functional life of any concrete substrate. Most surface-protectant concrete sealers lose effectiveness quickly and need to be reapplied every three years. PoreShield lasts for 10+ years.

93 %
10 +
Years of Concrete Protection
100 %
Made in America
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Watch this video to find out how PoreShield offers great ROI.

We want to protect American communities and help stretch tax dollars by setting up our infrastructure for long-term success.

Paul Imbrock | Environmental Concrete Products, PoreShield Product Manager
An Award-Winning Partnership

PoreShield was developed as the result of a collaboration with the Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA), United Soybean Board, Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), and Purdue University. INDOT approached research at Purdue because they needed a durable and sustainable solution to solve a very expensive and inconvenient problem: roadway and bridge deterioration.