The Science Behind A Sustainable Concrete Solution

PoreShield™ seals concrete from the inside out to repel moisture and prevent deterioration.

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Better Concrete Protection
Concrete’s Weakness is PoreShield’s Strength

When concrete is mixed, cement and water combine to create a porous material with natural fissures and weak spots. In cured concrete, these pores act like slow-absorbing sponges, sucking in moisture, salts, and other deposits that can quickly damage even the toughest concrete.

Derived from American-grown soybeans, PoreShield soaks deep into untreated concrete surfaces – new and old – to provide long-lasting protection from within.

PoreShield Keeps Protecting Long After Concrete Sealers Quit

Conventional, solvent-based concrete sealers offer short-term protection by creating a temporary protective film on concrete surfaces. Sealers typically last for two to three years before they deteriorate and lock moisture and deicers in, accelerating degradation.

Potentially harmful concrete sealers are costly and dangerous to humans and the environment, unlike plant-based, biodegradable PoreShield products.

10+ Years of Continual, Self-Sealing Protection

Conventional penetrating concrete sealers rest primarily on the surface of concrete and must undergo a chemical reaction and solidify. PoreShield is different. PoreShield remains liquid and absorbs deep in concrete pores without leaving a residue on the surface of the concrete. Plus, it has a lower surface tension than water – and a higher viscosity – so it gets to the cracks and starts sealing before water can attack.

Proven Pros of PoreShield
  • Lasts for 10+ years.
  • Protects from the inside out.
  • Preventative protection.
  • Creates a flexible, continually self-sealing water-repelling barrier.
  • Fills and protects cracks as they form.
  • Easy & safe spray-on application.
  • More than twice as effective as penetrating sealers in reducing chloride diffusion.
  • Apply on horizontal or vertical surfaces.
  • Works on new or old concrete.
Environmental Statement
A Duty to Protect the Earth

PoreShield was designed in partnership with the Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA), United Soybean Board (USB), Purdue University, and INDOT to make the world we’ve built more resilient. PoreShield products help concrete last longer and it’s easy on Mother Earth. Plus, it’s good for American farmers and our economy.