Lasting Protection For Concrete Bridge Decks, Overpasses and Highways

Protecting America’s infrastructure and American tax dollars with homegrown soybeans.

Spray directly into expansion joints to prevent deterioration.

Extend the life of bridges and reduce repair and maintenance costs.

Works on vertical retaining walls, overpasses and sound barriers.

Protect entire roadways with self-sealing, curative protection.

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Low-Cost Concrete Protection
A Cost-Effective Alternative to Concrete Sealers

Environmental concerns and costs associated with sealing concrete don’t have to stand in the way of protecting infrastructure. PoreShield is an eco-friendly, low-cost alternative to expensive, toxic concrete sealants. One easy application protects for 10+ years.

Eco-Friendly, Easy to Apply
Easy on Ecosystems & Easy To Use

Be a responsible steward of the environment and constituent tax dollars. PoreShield is nontoxic and safe for use over waterways and around greenways, animals, and people. Plus, products containing PoreShield are easy to use and don’t require any training or specialized personal protective equipment (PPE) for application.

DOT-Approved Concrete Protection

Lower repair costs and reduce downtime with state DOT-approved concrete protection. Products containing PoreShield work by soaking deep below the surface of the concrete, effectively sealing the pores and keeping harmful elements out.

Concrete that Lasts up to 5x-9x Longer
Smarter Concrete Protection for Longer-Lasting Highways

Chemical deicers like calcium chloride keep roadways free from ice and snow, but they don’t melt away like snow. Instead, they seep into untreated concrete, causing cracks and leading to significant deterioration due to chloride ion diffusion. PoreShield offers proven, long-term protection against this kind of damage.