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PoreShield™ is a cost-effective, bio-based concrete protectant that’s proven to extend the life of concrete surfaces by 10+ years.
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Graphic showing two pieces of concrete, one protected by PoreShield and one unprotected. The protected side shows ion penetration into the concrete subsurface, while the protected side shows the ions excluded from entering the concrete.
Invisible Armor.
Visible Protection.

PoreShield soaks deep into concrete to provide long-lasting protection. Unlike toxic concrete sealers which only form a temporary coating that can deteriorate over time, bio-based PoreShield blocks moisture from within. Lab tests and real-life applications have proven PoreShield outperforms traditional sealers and significantly extends the life of concrete.

PoreShield provides 10+ years of protection, preventing absorption of moisture and chloride ions that damage concrete.

PoreShield requires no special machinery or personal protective equipment for application. It cleans up with just mild soap and water.

Made from American-grown soybeans, PoreShield is nontoxic, sustainable, low odor and low VOC.

hands holding soybeans
What’s Better Than Concrete Sealant?  PoreShield Concrete Protection

PoreShield is an eco-friendly and superior alternative to concrete sealer. It protects concrete from the inside, while sealers merely form a temporary barrier on top which can be breached by abrasion or weathering.

  1. Protects from the inside out
  2. Safe for people, plants, and waterways
  3. Easy, spray-on application
  4. Cost-effective and durable protection

We didn’t need any specialty equipment, any special protective gear, any special licensure. We were able to use in-house labor and in-house equipment. PoreShield is very easy to use.

Zach Smith | County Engineer

The main benefit [of PoreShield] is that it is environmentally friendly. We can spray this over creeks, waterways, dry beds, or active water. Considering the price and minimal labor involved, I believe we’re going to gain on our bridge decks – [at] a minimal cost and high reward

Carl Anderson | Highway Department Superintendent
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