Nontoxic Concrete Products

PoreShield-Powered Protection

PoreShield™ is available in different sizes for different applications – from highway joints and bridge decks to residential driveways and sidewalks.

PoreShield for PCCP Joints

PCCP joints are a weak point in concrete roadways because they provide an entry point for damaging salts and moisture. PoreShield protects concrete joints by blocking absorption of those damaging elements.

PoreShield for Bridges and Surfaces

Preventing deterioration of bridge decks and structures is crucial because of the costly and time-consuming nature of bridge repairs. PoreShield is your ally in the fight against bridge decay, guarding against multiple types of deterioration and helping prolong service life by 10+ years.

Whether on a bridge, on a warehouse floor, or on your sidewalk at home, PoreShield offers the same level of vigilant protection.

Benefits of PoreShield Concrete Protectants
  • Blocks water, deicers, and other chemicals.
  • Prevents freeze/thaw damage.
  • 93% plant-based, nontoxic. Low-VOC, low-odor.
  • No additional personal protective equipment (PPE) required.
  • Easy to apply, no specialized training required.
  • 100% American made from farm to infrastructure.

We didn’t need any specialty equipment, any special protective gear, any special licensure. We were able to use in-house labor and in-house equipment. PoreShield is very easy to use.

Zach Smith | County Engineer

The main benefit [of PoreShield] is that it is environmentally friendly. We can spray this over creeks, waterways, dry beds, or active water. Considering the price and minimal labor involved, I believe we’re going to gain on our bridge decks – [at] a minimal cost and high reward.

Carl Anderson | Highway Department Superintendent
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Product Application Instructions
How to Apply PoreShield
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Watch this video to see how easy it is to apply products containing PoreShield.*

  1. Make sure cured concrete is free from other sealants and coatings.
  2. Clean cured concrete with a power washer and/or blower. (Wait 36 hours after power washing or rainfall to apply products containing PoreShield).
  3. Apply product (200 ft2/gallon for residential use or 250 ft2/gallon for all other applications) with roller, brush, garden sprayer, backpack sprayer, or truck power sprayer.
  4. Allow up to 24 hours for maximum absorption.

*Read product label before applying PoreShield.

Safe for the Environment.
Safe for People.

These American-made, environmentally-friendly alternatives to harmful silane water repellents or siloxane concrete sealants offer long-lasting concrete protection, without the dangers of solvent-based sealers that contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Lower concrete replacement costs, reduce downtime, and extend the service life of concrete with USDA BioPreferred and Mandatory Federal Purchasing Certified products containing PoreShield.