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Welcome to the PoreShield™ Online Media Kit! On this page, you can find the latest PoreShield news releases, selected case studies, and a summary of research conducted demonstrating the high performance of PoreShield in protecting concrete infrastructure, including calcium oxychloride formation. This kit provides information on PoreShield in general, the biography for the PoreShield technical lead, as well as a video explaining how PoreShield works and a video showing how safe and easy to apply it is. A PoreShield logo and several images of PoreShield in use are also available for you to download and use in your media coverage.

About PoreShield

PoreShield™ (SME-PS) is a new, revolutionary concrete durability enhancer that protects concrete from premature deterioration. With unmatched innovation, PoreShield is the first product of its kind, establishing a new market category in concrete protection.

While other technologies simply coat the surface, PoreShield fills pores with a viscous, hydrophobic liquid which doesn’t set or cure, providing 10+ years of protection below the surface from moisture and ion ingress. Once absorbed into pores, PoreShield migrates to any new cracks or damage as it forms, providing lasting protection in even the harshest environments. In fact, DOT research shows PoreShield extends the life of concrete 5x-9x.

A USDA BioPreferred™ product, PoreShield is low in VOC, at 43.3 g/L, well below national standards. It doesn’t require PPE to apply. Contractors enjoy its safety profile of no fumes, no skin burns, and easy cleanup with soap and water. It is safe for the environment with no concern for overspray onto land or water.

PoreShield can be applied to all types of concrete and provides protection from damage caused by excess moisture, coastal or deicing salts, as well as salt scaling, “concrete cancer,” freeze/thaw deterioration, ASR, calcium oxychloride formation, and a variety of other deterioration mechanisms caused by fluid and ion ingress.

Spokesperson Biography

Paul Imbrock

Paul Imbrock is the Technical Leader for the Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) PoreShield SME-PS technology. Paul received his Civil Engineering degree from Purdue University. After graduation, Paul continued research with Purdue Civil Engineers on concrete preservation which included work with the SME-PS technology and with state Department of Transportation partners.

Paul is a published expert on concrete durability, long-term infrastructure preservation and performance, and non-destructive testing. At ISA, he manages the technology portfolio which includes directing and overseeing outside testing, research and publication for PoreShield. Paul works closely with AASHTO groups, DOTs, architects, consultants, specifiers, local and regional transportation engineers, and infrastructure owners. He also speaks regularly on concrete durability enhancement at events across the nation.




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