Safe and Sustainable

Safer and Easier Application

PoreShield is simpler and safer for workers and the environment.

PoreShield is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about overspray on water or land. It is low odor and low VOC. And, with no mixing required, the application process couldn’t be easier.

  • Clear away debris and make sure concrete is dry.
  • Apply using a simple backpack, pressure or roller sprayer; no PPE required.
  • Clean up with soap and water. No hazardous cleanup materials needed.

“We didn’t need any specialty equipment, any special protective gear, any special licensure. We were able to use in-house labor and in-house equipment. PoreShield is very easy to use.”

– Zack Smith, County Engineer

More Sustainable For Everyone

PoreShield is 93% bio-content – because it’s made from renewable and sustainable soybeans. And it’s USDA BioPreferred® and mandatory Federal Purchasing Certified.
Poreshield is Safe and Sustainable - bridge over river application

Wabash County, Indiana

Reduced Emissions

PoreShield is a low VOC product that exceeds national standards, measuring less than half of even the most stringent government VOC limits. And with 10+ years of protection in a single application, your concrete replacement rates drop, lowering your carbon footprint.