First Commercial Application for Indiana Department of Transportation

Location: Interchange of US 24 and I-469
Date: Applied November 2019
Application Type: Joint Application – New Pavement
Applicators: Indiana Department of Transportation and Primco, Inc.

Project Overview

In November 2019, the first commercial application of Poreshield™ (SME-PS) took place on a newly constructed ramp interchange outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Working with Primco, Inc., the Indiana Department of Transportation built new ramps to create a free-flow interchange at the intersection of US 24 and I-469.

Sixteen days after cast, when the concrete had met maturity threshold requirements, a two-man crew using a rolling sprayer pump treated all of the saw-cut pavement joints with PoreShield to preserve these critical areas. Applicators remarked how easy the process was to apply PoreShield. 24 hours after application, the lane lines were painted and the new interchange was opened to traffic.

From an investment perspective, PoreShield is an extremely cost-effective solution.

  • Represented less than .5% of the project’s overall price tag
Total Project Cost $11,800,000
PoreShield Cost $26,400
% of investment 0.22%
  • Eliminates future costs incurred because of repair or replacement, given proof that PoreShield extends the life of concrete up to 10 years

Interchange of US 24 and I-469 outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana

“PoreShield helps us in our day-to-day job, because it’s quick and easy to use. We don’t have the cleanup that we would have had with a silicone-based material that we put in the joints.”

– Joe Thomas, Vice President of Operations, Primco, Inc.