Proven Performance


PoreShield is proven to provide long-term concrete protection, not only at the surface, but deep below the surface where pre-mature damage begins, leading to cracking, separation, breaking and more.

When tested through 300 freeze/thaw cycles (ASTM 666), PoreShield dramatically outperformed the control and competition.

When put through extended ASTM 672, untreated concrete shows significant surface and interior damage, while PoreShield shows minimal surface scaling and no cracking or interior damage.


Watch to learn more about how PoreShield works below the surface to protect concrete from the inside out.


In work done at Purdue University in 2011; Dr. Jason Weiss and team used fluorescent dye to show how PoreShield SME-PS fills concrete pores, preventing moisture and ion ingress.


Reduced Ion Diffusion

An independent study concluded that PoreShield reduced chloride ion diffusion by twice as much as other leading products – preventing both short and long-term damage to concrete. Review the Wisconsin DOT study to learn more.

Prevents Water Absorption

Research has shown that PoreShield reduces the amount of water absorbed, extending the life of concrete by 5x-9x.

WIS DOT Highway Research Program 2020; Project ID# 0092-18-01


HWY 231 Case Study

Real-world testing demonstrates PoreShield offers 10+ years of concrete protection. Review the US Hwy 231 case study to learn more.